The City Library invites all to experience the 2014 Performance Art Festival

SALT LAKE CITY – The Salt Lake City Public Library invites everyone in Salt Lake City, from art aficionados to those unfamiliar with performance art, to experience the 2014 Performance Art Festival, taking place October 17–18 at the Main Library.

This is the second annual Performance Art Festival hosted and sponsored by The City Library. This year, the festival will operate with support from grants through the Utah Division of Arts & Museums and the Salt Lake City Arts Council.

The two-day festival will feature 15 local and out-of-state artists brought together by curator Kristina Lenzi, an internationally respected performance artist from Utah.

Works performed at the Performance Arts Festival will include interactive pieces like “Slow Dance,” where Salt Lake City artist Jorge Rojas will invite passersby to slow dance in a designated space, and solo pieces like “Democracy at Work,” where Estes Park, Colorado artist Bryce Kauffman will wrestle two life-size origami animals until they are destroyed.

Additional participating artists include Marilyn Arsem, Marti Ashby, Erin Esplin, Caroline Boileau, Jeffery Byrd, Lisa DeFrance, Stéphane Gilot, Tatiana Larsen, Gretchen Reynolds, Joanne Rice, Tony Schwensen, Eugene Tachinni, and Paul Waddell.

All live performances will be original, entertaining, and thought-provoking, and will be suitable for viewers of all ages.

“It will be exciting to watch the performances unfold,” said Paul Reynolds, librarian and Performance Art Festival coordinator. “They are planned, but completely unrehearsed. We will see each artist create a piece in the moment, and with many, we could even join in.”

For more information about the Performance Art Festival, including a schedule of events, visit