A Card for Every Kid: New partnership with The City Library allows Salt Lake City School District students to register for library accounts during fall enrollment

SALT LAKE CITY—In tandem with the beginning of fall enrollment, each student registering for school in the Salt Lake City School District will have the opportunity to be registered for a free account with the Salt Lake City Public Library.

Students with library accounts not only receive access to circulating library materials, but also have free access to several online databases that are tailored toward kids, including World Book Online, Tumblebook Library, Novelist K-8 Plus, Muzzy Language Learning, and more. The City Library also offers high-quality library programming, including the library’s annual summer reading programs, to encourage all residents to improve their literacy, explore information, and engage with their community.

This opportunity stems from a new partnership between The City Library and the Salt Lake City School District and offers the Library an avenue to reach tens of thousands of students and parents who might not have otherwise known about the resources the library provides. For the 2014-15 school year, Salt Lake City School District expects a fall enrollment of over 25,000 students. In the first few weeks of this program, over 12,500 students have taken advantage of the opportunity.

“The missions of the Salt Lake City School District and The City Library weave together in a unique partnership,” said John Spears, Executive Director of the Salt Lake City Public Library. “The skills taught in the classroom are furthered developed through independent exploration in the public library. And, in turn, students who are inspired through learning at The City Library become more active and successful in school.”

“Learning doesn’t begin and end in the classroom,” said McKell Withers, Superintendent for the Salt Lake City School District. “Ensuring that every student has easy access to public library resources in their home helps ensure the class time is linked to home time.”

Research from education policy-maker Susan B. Neuman shows that children need exposure to a variety of materials on various topics, genres, and perspectives in order to fully develop their literacy skills. The City Library’s collection of both physical and digital copies of books and audiobooks allows kids to explore a variety of titles and subjects in a safe environment while encouraging the growth of their autonomy.

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