Fizz! Boom! Read! 2014 Summer Reading Program

Everyone in Salt Lake City is encouraged to read this summer with The City Library's chemistry-themed Summer Reading Programs: Fizz! Boom! Read! for kids and Fizz! Boom! Read! for toddlers; Spark a Reaction for teens; and Literary Elements for adults. Each age group has its own challenges to tackle, fun events to attend, and awesome prizes to win! See below for details about each Summer Reading Program, visit any City Library location to pick up your tracker, and start reading today!

Fizz! Boom! Read! this summer with The City Library's Kids' Summer Reading Program! With cool chemistry- and science-themed events from May 31 to August 2, kids can engage with science, magic, dance, yoga, puppets, reading, and so much more! Click here to view all Kids' Summer Reading Program events in The City Library's events calendar.

Be sure to pick up a reading tracker at your favorite City Library location. For each day kids read at least 20 minutes, they fill in a tracker symbol. When they fill in 7 symbols, they earn a cool prize! Once the entire tracker is filled (28 total tracker symbols), kids will be entered into a prize basket drawing which will take place at the end of the summer.

For an extra challenge, kids can sign up for the Super Summer Challenge, which encourages them to read more than ever before and to read things they might not otherwise think to pick up. Kids who complete the Super Summer Challenge will be entered to win an Amazon Kindle! The Super Summer Challenge tracker is available starting Friday, June 27, and must be turned in by Saturday, August 2 to be entered in the drawing.

Toddlers and parents can get in on the Fizz! Boom! Read! fun with our special Toddler Summer Reading Program. Pick up a toddler reading tracker today at any City Library location. For every day parents do an early literacy activity with their toddler, they fill in a tracker space. When 14 symbols are filled in, you earn a fun toddler-friendly prize!

Special toddler-friendly events are organized for the summer, too! Have your tracker marked for each event you attend—after you attend three, your toddler will be entered into a drawing to win a fun prize basket! Click here to view all Toddler Summer Reading Program events in The City Library's events calendar.

Teens are encouraged to Spark a Reaction with The City Library's Summer Reading Program for Teens! Grab a Spark a Reaction reading tracker today at any City Library location. Participants can choose their own challenge from our Periodic Table of Summer Reading. The challenges include reading graphic novels, nonfiction books, fiction books, science fiction books, and science articles; watching movies; listening to music; attending events; and being creative. When you complete a column in the tracker (simpler challenges), you win a $5 gift card and entry into a drawing for a bigger prize. Complete an ambitious "row" challenge in the tracker to win a big prize, like an amusement park ticket, concert ticket, or entry at cool places like The Leonardo or Salt Lake Comic Con!

The City Library is hosting some great events for teens this summer, including henna tattooing, Quidditch, and a trivia contest. Click here to view all Teen Summer Reading Program events in The City Library's events calendar.

Teen Summer Reading Booklists
Check out our Teen Librarians' lists of suggested reading, viewing, and listening to assist you in completing either a column or a row challenge, or both!

Graphic Novels
Nonfiction Books
Fiction Series
TV Shows

Summer Reading isn't all child's play—adults can get in the action, too, with Literary Elements! Pick up a tracker at any City Library location to participate. Simply attend one library program per month and read one book of your choice each month from June through August. Once you've filled in the six spaces in your tracker, return it to The City Library to be entered into an end-of-summer prize drawing!

Click here to view some great adult-oriented summer events in The City Library's events calendar.

Adult Summer Reading Booklists
Participants are free to read any book in the course of completing their tracker, but in the interest of providing a curated exploration of the Literary Elements, staff members at The City Library have compiled several thematic booklists. Click below to explore their recommendations!

Recommended Viewing