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African American History Month Trivia

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Test your knowledge of Black History with The City Library's African American History Month Trivia. Each day during the month of February, you will get the opportunity to answer a new trivia question that has been posted on this page. To answer, simply fill out the form below with your response,...

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Utah Lawmaker Withdraws Anti-Doxxing Provisions

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After protests that it could trample free speech rights, Rep. David Lifferth, R-Eagle...

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Episode #229 - Starmy

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Biskupski announces new approach to capital's economic development

Wanted: Economic development genius with people skills to oversee the bolstering of Salt Lake City₀™s business climate while coordinating growth with the redevelopment agency, international airport, arts and culture groups and educational institutions.
Salary: Yet to be determined.
Mayor Jackie...

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RadioActive: Humanity, Community, Compassion

RadioActive for Sunday, October 25, 2015:   Humanity, community, compassion—Salt Lake City just hosted 10,000 people from 80 countries and 50 faiths, all together in peace for five days. Listen as host Nick Burns talks about the Parliament of the World’s Religions experience...

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Police investigating strange 3rd-row seat thefts

You might not know it, but next time you travel to California you could be taking along cargo precious to thieves: your SUV's third-row seat. KSL Investigators traveled to Anaheim to see how big of a problem it is and met up with possible crooks.

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