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Read Like a President

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The White House recently released the list of books President Obama will be reading during his summer vacation at Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. Here's a rundown of the titles, which you can check out from The City Library.

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Fall Into Autumn

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<p class="cwbDrop">I am a diehard summer girl—I am a Leo, after all. I've been ignoring...

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Episode #220 - CUAC & UMOCA

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Kirby: Saying goodbye to England, again

Shipmeadow, Suffolk, England ₀ This is my last column from merry old England. You¢€™re probably bored with the travelogue by now. Hopefully I₀™ll be able to adjust back to Utah time.
On a typical sunny/cloudy/rainy English day, we traveled to the precise place my ancestors lived when my...

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