What So Proudly We Hail: Celebrate The Star-Spangled Banner's 200th Anniversary

Main Library

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Celebrate the 200th anniversary of The Star-Spangled Banner with music, crafts, and more. Visitors of all ages will learn about the lyrics to the national anthem of the United States, which were penned by Francis Scott Key in 1814. See the true size of the Storm Flag, which flew over Fort McHenry during British bombardment in the War of 1812, and the Great Garrison Flag, raised in the morning to signal the American victory. A sing-along of The Star-Spangled Banner will also take place with the Salt Lake City Letter Carrier Band.

Flag Ceremony presented by the Color Guard of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps at the University of Utah
Urban Room

1–3:00pm (concurrent with other events)
Children’s craft
Urban Room

Performance and The Star-Spangled Banner sing-along with the Salt Lake City Letter Carrier Band
Urban Room

Presentation on the War of 1812 and screening of the documentary Anthem
Main Library Auditorium

Additionally, flag facts and visual representations of the Storm Flag and the Great Garrison Flag will be on display throughout Level 1. An outline of the Storm Flag will be in the Urban Room, and an outline of the Great Garrison Flag will be near the Welcome Desk.

This event is sponsored by The City Library and Colonial Flag.

Location: Main Library Auditorium and Urban Room

Contact Information: 801-524-8200