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Explore Minecraft with 15 of your peers while improving your creative, collaborative, and problem-solving skills. This club, intended for kids ages 8–12, will create a world from scratch in Minecraft's Survival Mode. Learn how to work together to collect resources, craft tools, build structures, and survive the hostile mobs of Creepers and skeletons that spawn at night!

The group will play on MinecraftEdu, a version of Minecraft tailored specifically toward school-age children, with a librarian administrating and guiding the server session. This version assures parents, teachers, and librarians of children’s safety and privacy, as the server is closed to outside users. Participants do not have to have their own Minecraft license or computer; the Library will provide these. Each weekly meeting of the club will also include a 10-minute lesson on a variety of technology themes.

Each Minecraft Tech Club registration consists of an 8-week session in which club members work together to build a new world from scratch. The next session starts November 10 and runs through December 29. Space is limited. Registration is required and opens on November 3 at 10am. Register by calling the Day-Riverside Branch at 801-594-8632. Registrants will not be able to use their personal Minecraft License, will not be able to access Creative Mode, including any related Mods, Skins, or Worlds, and will not be able to access their personal Minecraft Account username or profile.

Explora el videojuego Minecraft con 15 de tus coetáneos mientras cultivando tus destrezas de la creatividad, la colaboración, y la resolución de problemas. Participantes en este club, diseñado para niños de entre 8 y 12 años de edad, crearán un mundo empezando de cero en el modo supervivencia de Minecraft. La matriculación es obligatoria y comienza el 3 de noviembre a las 10am. Llame a la Sucursal Day-Riverside al 801-594-8632 para matricúlate.

Location: Day-Riverside Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8632