Children's Expression Through Painting by Fahimeh Amiri and Students

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Children's Expression Through Painting
by Fahimeh Amiri and Students
Reception: Tue, Aug 12, 6:30–8pm

“Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” —Pablo Picasso

Fahimeh Amiri, owner of the private Amiri Fine Arts studio, offers Children's Art Classes where young artists, ages 6–14, can learn to illustrate stories or create individual paintings. Amiri uses a classical method to teach the fundamentals of drawing, painting, color, design and more. There are only six students allowed per class, and this small-group format makes for a fun, innovative, and semi-private art instruction experience. These classes help children develop artistic skills while nurturing the imagination, and are a great way to enhance their creative ability and self-confidence. The goal is to cultivate the child’s visual awareness and expand aesthetic senses.

Through the process of creating a harmonious image, Fahimeh's students learn the principles of rhythm, balance, variety and motion. The realistic approach of this work requires the students to pay attention to light and shadow, color and value, texture and proportion, as well as develop a strong aesthetic sense for composition. Every piece is designed to capture the very character of its subject.

This annual exhibition has gained popularity due to the quality of the artwork displayed by participating children. Their exciting work has captivated viewers all around the valley. Not only is the exhibition itself visually enchanting for viewers, it's exciting for the children as well; they gain a sense of accomplishment.

Location: Main Library, Children's Gallery

Contact Information: 801-524-8200