Spirits of the Season: Paintings and Puppets by Mary Anne Heider

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Spirits of the Season
Paintings and Puppets by Mary Anne Heider
Reception: Sat, Sep 6, 4–5pm

All summer is a rehearsal for the grand masque of fall—the Great Reaping—when rituals welcome and bless the harvest, and stories, passed through centuries, connect with the departed. The crucifixion of scarecrows so that fields can yield their redemptive bounty; that dimly lit porch anticipating the arrival of costumed tricksters; masks haunting the dark; the sacrifice of gourds for the appeasement of the knife and candle, the final explosions of arboreal color; the soul's last valse triste with the wind—it is my hope that all of these resonate through the primitive strangeness of my work.

This exhibition is dedicated to my mother—the memory of the smell of her oil paints and linseed oil inspires my work; she is my mentor and friend.

Location: Chapman Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8623