12 Minutes Max: a Monthly Showcase of Short Works by Local Artists

Main Library

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12 Minutes Max is a monthly showcase of short works and works-in-progress by local artists in many disciplines. One Sunday a month, we feature three new pieces in in a varied mix, chosen from music, dance, film, writing, theater, performance art and the like—each 12 minutes or less. The whole event is short and sweet, taking under an hour.

After each month's performances, coffee and cookies are served—a time for conversation and feedback.


Nick Foster and Jason Rabb have performed music together for many years as experimental guitar and drum duo It Foot. They’ve also collaborated in music for theater and various chamber ensembles. They will perform a set of short pieces for percussion that include the sounds of assorted metal and wood objects, drums, and rope.

Rachel Borup is a fiction writer living in Salt Lake City. Her current project is a novel about a dysfunctional American family trying to come to terms with each other after the death of their matriarch. The novel begins in a posh hotel in Doha, Qatar, then zooms back to Salt Lake City, and settles in a remote fishing cabin in Idaho. She will read from the novel’s opening scene.

Jorge Rojas will present his performance piece Lucha Libre. Rojas is a local multidisciplinary artist, independent curator, and art educator born in Morelos, Mexico. He is the founding director of Low Lives, an international, multi-venue live streaming performance festival, founded in 2009. He says “Lucha Libre is a performance about a time in my youth when I was simultaneously indoctrinated into the concepts of religion and superheroes. Growing up in Mexico, my superheroes were lucha libre wrestlers, or luchadores. Lucha Libre asks the question “If Jesus and the Devil had a wrestling match, who would win?”

This program is modeled after 12 Minutes Max, a performance laboratory originated by On the Boards in Seattle.

Location: Main Library Auditorium

Contact Information: 801-524-8200