Synesthesia: A Visual+Audio Experience by Kim Peterson

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Synesthesia: A Visual+Audio Experience
by Kim Peterson
Reception: Mon, Aug 25, 6:30–8pm

Sketching to music is something that I’ve done my whole life so I thought spending some serious time on the idea would be an interesting concept. My main goal is a simple one; find a way to connect illustration and music.

I believe the most prevalent idea that came from this project is that of connection. Take synesthesia, for example. Synesthesia, and all that it entails, is a connection between two different senses, the most common being that of sound and color. When hearing a note played, a certain color will flare up and stay with that note. While most of us can’t claim to have any form of synesthesia, I believe that the innate desire to connect what we hear with what we see is something we do on a daily basis.

This show demonstrates that connection and how, in many cases, both forms of art benefit from the other to make a whole new experience. For example, many of the works of art may have a darker theme to them, but when observed with the music the feeling becomes hopeful, inspiring, or even humorous. With the added element they become something more then they were and give the viewer a new experience as a whole.

While it was a long process, I’m very pleased to present this show and hope that it is an enjoyable one for all those who view it.

Hello! I’m Kim Peterson, or Kimmik, a wandering illustrator currently living in Provo, Utah. I grew up in Orem, Utah surrounded by artists. Being able to see so many people express their ideas differently while growing up created in me a desire to do the same. I’ve recently graduated from BYU-Idaho with a BFA in Illustration, and have learned that when it comes to design, I like to keep it simple. So much can be said through simple and clean shapes, the kind that we see every day and may overlook because of the details around them. I strive for my art to show this simplicity.

Many things have influenced my design, some of which have been working at San Diego Comic Con, teaching kids at the Scera Art Studios and in after-school art programs, and working with art in a gallery setting. Through it all I've grown a deeper love for the process of making ideas come alive through hard work, a careful eye, and a love for the craft.

My main interests and goals are rooted in gallery work, comics, and publishing, and I’m excited to see where these opportunities will take my art, and how it will grow from it.

Location: Main Library Canteena, Level 2

Contact Information: 801-524-8200