Corrugated Nostalgia: Cardboard Creations by Vincent Johnson

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Corrugated Nostalgia
Cardboard Creations by Vincent Johnson
Reception: Sat, Jul 12, 4–5pm

Corrugated Nostalgia is my way of reliving the countless hours I spent as a child in the early 90s bringing my imagination to life through one of my favorite mediums, cardboard. While most of my creations where merely physical representations of gadgets I could only dream about owning, occasionally something would arise from the scraps of cardboard and become a life of its own. This show pays homage not only to my childhood imagination, but the imagination of everyone, young and old.

In order to capture the elusive Vincent, one would only need to set the trap with scraps of cardboard or a tasty piece of weathered wood. When Vincent isn’t riding his bike around Salt Lake City scouring the streets for possible sculpture mediums, he can often be found haunting the public library or helping the public feel more inspired through his work with The Leonardo. In his free time, Vince can be found covered in grease, happily wrenching away on a bicycle.

Location: Chapman Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8623