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Join Utah State University Extension Service nutritionists as they explain how to make nutritious and delicious meals quickly with foods already found in your fridge and cupboard. Give yourself some quick go-to meal options and forget the nightly struggle of figuring out what to do for dinner. Children and beginning cooks will find these simple meal ideas fun and easy; share the work load by having the family join in to help prepare these quick-and-easy dishes together.

Using standard pantry ingredients to prepare inexpensive meals saves money by allowing families to eat out less and reducing food waste. Home-cooked meals are often more nutritious to boot! Save time and energy by cutting out initial food preparation tasks; standard pantry ingredients offer convenient, pre-measured portions to cut out one more measuring step. The guesswork is taken out of having to make a shopping list, as you will already have all the ingredients on hand. In addition, clean-up time is generally shortened because fewer dishes are used when making these recipes!

Enhance your nightly family time by spending it together over an enjoyable home-cooked meal.

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