The Silence of the Sands: photography by Alex Kravtsov & Nadia Dolzhenko

Corinne and Jack Sweet
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The Silence of the Sands
Photography by Alex Kravtsov & Nadia Dolzhenko
Reception: Sat, May 17, 4pm

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”

—David Alan Harvey

Travel and photography are two of the most important things we both love and share. Traveling in the American Southwest, we fell under a spell of the land and used photography to express our sense of wonderment. Death Valley National Park, among many other amazing places, became a very special destination for us, one to which we kept returning. From photographer’s point of view, many landscapes of Death Valley, such as sand dunes, represent pure forms. Thus our approach was to emphasize the abstract qualities of a scene using high contrasts produced by sunrise/sunset light.

Alex and Nadia came to Utah from the former Soviet Union and made home in Salt Lake City. Alex is a computer programmer and Nadia is a graphic designer; both are also avid photographers. Alex studied photography at the Salt Lake Art Center School of Photography where he is currently an instructor. Nadia took classes at the Salt Lake Community College and further learned photography by doing. They have exhibited their work together and individually in local art galleries.

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