Somewhere Beyond the Blue by John Mack

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Somewhere Beyond the Blue
by John Mack
Finch Lane Gallery (1340 E 100 S), Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Gallery Stroll: Fri, Jun 20, 6–9pm

Sculptures that embody the deep sea or deep space are found in Somewhere Beyond the Blue by John Mack. Drawing inspiration from science and technology, science fiction, and contemporary mythologies, he creates fantastic organisms and impossible vessels for fictitious voyages in an effort to satisfy his own fascination with what could be.

In John Mack’s work, he makes connections between what is known and what is yet to be discovered. This work represents his long fascination with the deepest parts of the earth’s oceans and the parallels that exist with the vastness of outer space. Some of these sculptural vessels are inspired by strange creatures that survive and thrive at crushing depths in total darkness. Evolving in darkness has allowed many of these organisms to create their own light through bioluminescence, giving them an otherworldly appearance, like ships floating through space.

“I push at the boundaries of the materials by forming wood and metal into abstract shapes that defy their structural nature. Equally, I push at the limits of my own physical abilities by creating large and difficult pieces that reflect the nature of constructing impossible machines and crafts that aid us in our endeavors to discover what is unknown to us,” said Mack.

Location: Finch Lane Gallery (1340 E 100 S), Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Contact Information: 801-596-5000