Rust Belt Project by Nancy Vorm

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Rust Belt Project
by Nancy Vorm

Finch Lane Gallery (1340 E 100 S), Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Gallery Stroll: Fri, Jun 20, 6–9pm

Rust Belt Project explores the creative and destructive properties of oxidation—or rust—of steel that results in unpredictable patterns. Using oxidized paper and beeswax as a sealant, Vorm creates hangings curtains, paintings, scrolls, and other objects.

Vorm grew up in Northwest Indiana during the peak of steel production, which later became part of the Rust Belt as this vast industry collapsed. “My earliest memories are of pressing my face against the car window, staring out at giant smoke stacks spewing vapors and smoke from the massive steel mills and industrial factories. On many nights, a beautiful reddish-orange haze would fill the skies from the polluted emissions of these countless factories,” Vorm recalls. Remnants of this collapsed era still captivate her. Miles of eroded buildings and smoke stacks continue to deteriorate, huge security gates are rusted, and most of the railroad tracks have been abandoned or torn out altogether. Rust is the constant element that remains.

Vorm received her BFA from the University of Utah. Her work has been seen at the Springville Museum of Art, Kimball Art Center, the Rio Gallery and Kayo Gallery.

Location: Finch Lane Gallery (1340 E 100 S), Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Contact Information: 801-596-5000