Shower Stills by Morgan Donovan

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Shower Stills
by Morgan Donovan

Finch Lane Gallery (1340 E 100 S), Salt Lake city, UT 84102

Artist's Talk: Fri, Jun 20, 7pm
Gallery Stroll: Fri, Jun 20, 6–9pm

Morgan Donovan presents Shower Stills, a series of life-sized portraits of various individuals that were taken in a studio. These honest portrayals are captured through a process of divesting subjects of external characteristics and recreating the experience of being washed clean.

Donovan uses photography to document the relationship between the subject and viewer. She believes that photography captures a moment of truth—and the vulnerability of it—when one person sees themselves in another. In putting her sitters through the act of being cleansed before sitting for the camera, she draws upon both the scientific and spiritual ideas of being regenerated and reborn. Throughout the process, Donovan found herself experiencing her own feelings of unexpected vulnerability when placed in the intimate position of photographing each subject. “The near immediate trust and openness often shown by the sitters was humbling,” Donovan said.

Donovan is a recent graduate of the University of Utah. Her work has also been seen at Art Access Gallery and CUAC.

Location: Finch Lane Gallery (1340 E 100 S), Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Contact Information: 801-596-5000