Color Distributions: Paintings by Jonathan Hatch

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Color Distributions
Paintings by Jonathan Hatch
Reception: Mon, Jun 16, 6:30–8pm

Born October 30, 1989 in Houston TX, I have been living in north Utah for about 4 years with my family. I enjoyed taking art classes all through middle and high school but I never started painting until I took a class with one of my friends after graduating. We had moved into an apartment together and didn’t have anything to decorate the walls with, so painting became our hobby. I continued to experiment with acrylic and oil paints on my own and in 2013 decided to more actively produce paintings and show them in public and on social media websites. I do most of my paintings using q-tips, scotch tape, pallet knife, and brushes. I like acrylic paints because they dry quickly, are very vibrant & glossy, easy to clean, never fade over time, and are relatively inexpensive. Oil paints are very rich in color but they take about a month to dry, so my approach to each painting will be different depending on which type of paint I use. I love to use vibrant colors to create surreal landscapes, alien skylines and watery reflections. Eventually I would like to paint a series of acrobatic paintings because I love to watch gymnastics. My artistic inspirations include Salvador Dali & Leonid Afremov.

Location: Main Library Canteena, Level 2

Contact Information: 801-524-8200