Eight Fold: Paintings by Janiece Murray

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Eight Fold
Paintings by Janiece Murray
Reception: Tue, May 13, 6:30–8pm

I love drawing with a compass and straight edge. I was introduced to the art of compass and straight edge construction in college; it was amazing to discover all the different shapes, patterns and designs that I could create with two simple tools. My delight and discovery continued and I eventually found the beautiful world of Islamic geometric designs—a whole new type of designs and patterns that could be created with my compass. I have been studying and drawing these beautiful and complex designs ever since. Recently I was introduced to a pattern base used in many Islamic designs from which untold patterns could be produced; I’ve undertaken to create as many different designs and patterns as possible from this base. I’ve thought I’d run out of possibilities a time or two before, but it’s been interesting to see how new ideas have come to me while I’ve painted other pieces. As it stands now, there are more than fifty different designs!

Janiece Murray is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah. After loving art growing up, she studied painting and drawing at Brigham Young University and was fortunate enough to study with noted artist Wulf Barsch. While at BYU, Murray was introduced to techniques used by ancient Greek and Renaissance master artists, such as sacred geometry, the golden section and symbolism, all of which have become an integral part of her artwork. Often Murray’s art draws inspiration from the likes of ancient Egyptian art, Classical Greek architecture, masonic art and symbolism, as well as Islamic geometric designs.

Since graduating with her Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art in 2009, Murray’s work has been shown nationally in Connecticut and Georgia, and throughout the state of Utah in solo and group exhibitions including at the Springville Museum of Art.

Location: Sprague Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8640