Tenacity: Works by Joi Aoki

Main Library
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Works by Joi Aoki
Reception: Sat, Mar 8, 4-5:30pm

“Trying to duplicate nature is, as far as I’m concerned, nearly impossible. We can only make reminders of it. This earth and the things that grow and emerge from it are the things that will stop us in our tracks and make us want to capture this brief breath-taking moment, somehow, in whatever way we have at hand.”

–Joi Aoki

The pieces that will be exhibited are my interpretation of how something that struggles under the most adverse of conditions can be incredibly beautiful by means of the result of their struggle. The trees that emerge from outcroppings of stone with little source of nourishment and battered by the elements have always fascinated me. They cling to the cliffs they live on in silent battle that shape their branches into a form that tells their story. This is what I have attempted to capture by twisting wire through stone and framed wood. I am in constant awe of this earth’s beauty in all shapes and forms, animate and inanimate.


I won an award in sculpture in the Sandy City Art Show in 2010, and was a featured artist in the Kayenta Art Festival 2011 winning an Honorable Mention award. I am a featured artist at the Utah Museum of Fine Art, and have been selected as a featured artist at the Kimball Park City Art Festival in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and am the owner of Aoki Landscaping. I feel that the construction of landscapes goes hand-in-hand with the art that I create.

Location: Main Library, Gallery at Library Square

Contact Information: 801-524-8200