Las Posadas Celebration


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Come enjoy an evening full of fun. In the vein of a true Las Posadas processional, we will be singing Christmas carols (villancicos) around Chapman Branch. There will also be a make-and-take craft, hot cocoa and cookies.

Las Posadas is a nine-day celebration (Dec 16–24), which has been a tradition in Mexico for 400 years. The nine-day novena represents the nine months of pregnancy, specifically the pregnancy of Mary carrying Jesus. Posada is Spanish for "lodging", or "accommodation"; in this case it refers to Mary and Joseph's biblical search for lodging upon their arrival in Bethlehem, just prior to Jesus' birth. It is said in plural form (posadas) because it is celebrated more than once during the period.

Traditionally, processions consist of Mary and Joseph (with attendants such as angels, shepherds, and other pilgrims acquired along the way) visiting residents in their homes. At each house, the resident responds by singing a song and Mary and Joseph are finally recognized and allowed to enter. Once the "innkeepers" let them in, the group of guests come into the home and kneel around the Nativity scene to pray.

The procession is accompanied by musicians, with the entire procession singing songs such as “Pedir Posada”. Afterwards, children break open star-shaped piñatas to obtain candy and fruit hidden inside, and there is a feast.

Location: Chapman Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8623