Utah Vietnam War Stories: Archival Photos and Interview Excerpts

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Utah Vietnam War Stories


For more than two years, KUED tirelessly interviewed 97 of Utah’s Vietnam War veterans to preserve their experiences in a landmark three-part television documentary series. These powerful oral histories serve as an important archive for generations to come.

Utah’s veterans came from every corner of the state. They tell gripping stories of the psychological effects of combat, the challenges of flying forces in and out of hot landing zones, the drama of working to save lives and the day-to-day struggle to survive as prisoners of war, and, ultimately, the difficulty they faced in assimilating back into civilian life.

This exhibit features powerful archival photographs as well as poignant excerpts from interviews that reflect the varied experiences of Utah veterans who served in every setting and capacity during the conflict.

These are the stories of those who served their nation in a time of change, uncertainty and conflict — from the early days when a nation struggled to find Vietnam on a map to the final days when POWs returned home.

Exhibit presented by KUED

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