Writing Your Family Legacy

Corinne and Jack Sweet

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  • Writing Your Family Legacy

Join Linda Clarke Weaver, author of several historical short stories and novels, as well as the e-book Writing Your Family Legacy, as she makes a stop in Salt Lake City to lead a workshop on how to write a family history. Taking information from genealogical records, family photos, journals, and diaries, Weaver will help attendees find a common thread to write their family’s story. If you’re an aspiring author, unleashing your inner genealogist can be a great source of inspiration.

In this workshop, Weaver will help you make your ancestors come to life on paper. Learn the most important elements of writing: discuss setup, characters, plot, and the importance of conflict and emotion. Conflict is part of our lives and makes for an interesting story. The secret of holding a reader is using emotion; it’s the difference between a dull or a lively recounting of a story.

Location: Corinne and Jack Sweet Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8651