Through My Good Eye: photography by Jen Melcomian

Corinne and Jack Sweet
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  • Through My Good Eye

Through My Good Eye
Photography by Jen Melcomian
Reception:Sat, Oct 26, 2013 4pm


Inspired by a photography class of 8 unforgettable women, she decided to pursue sharing her photos with a larger public. She has presented works at the Avenues Street Fair in Salt Lake City, as well as displays for private use. She joined the online photo community of ViewBug at the beginning of 2013 and so far has earned two “Judge’s Favorite” awards. This is her first gallery exhibit.

Jen has been taking photographs since the age of 10, and more consistently the last several years. She has been fortunate to travel locally, regionally and abroad. Friends have often told her that she has a “good eye” for photographing a scene that may be amusing, thoughtful, or well composed. She has a special passion for finding art in daily urban moments, including unique signs that strike her as notable. She currently lives in Salt Lake City and also enjoys travel, time with good friends, family, coffee, and pets.

Please visit her website for more photos and information.

Location: Corinne and Jack Sweet Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8651