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Images by Andy White
Artist's Talk: Sat, Oct 5, 4-4:30pm
Reception: Sat, Oct 5, 4:30-5:30pm


Art by god is often performance art: created in time then ceasing to exist. What I have collected here are remnants of that work, some in more stable condition than others. Much Art by god is ephemeral: a river’s standing wave, alpenglow moving across a mountain front, a ribbon of thousands of birds (in my part of the country, probably the oft despised starlings) turning, almost in unison, through the sky. We can’t capture this ephemera, but we do our human best.

To fully appreciate these works, one must go into the artist’s studio, and go often and with great patience. As an alternative, we often attempt to snare these moments with stories, sketch pads, cameras, recorders, or the latest technology of the day.

The works presented here were chosen not only for their ‘beauty” but also our frequent failure to stop and observe. Picture stone, butterfly wings, and flowers are all part of god’s art too, but we “see” them (pay tribute to them) more frequently. These works are ordinary beauties not so ordinarily noticed.

And who is this “god”? Is it spelled with a CAPITAL G or a small g? I don’t know, but tend toward the lower case as there are many philosophies in this world with many more deities: Atheist, Buddhist, Confucianism, Disciples of Christ, Episcopalian, F . . ., well, you get the idea. My role here is not to define “god”, but to showcase some of his, her, or its art work.

The following “descriptions” are a mix of various levels of frivolity and scientifically credible information. I accept responsibility for them and reserve the right to change things when errors in my ways become apparent. Look closely, take your time, smile, and get out into the artists’ studio and enjoy.

Collections of these and/or other works of this nature are available through a loan program. They are not for sale, but I would like to share them with a wider audience. I believe we take better care of things when we understand them better and I believe it is important to take care of the environment from which these things came and which supports, among other things, us. If you have a business or another area of public traffic and would like to help in this educational effort, please contact me.

Art By God
Curated by Andy White

Location: Main Library, Level 4 Promenade (Special Collections section)

Contact Information: (801) 524-8200