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Don’t miss the opportunity to see amazing films that missed a popular release on the big screen. Typically shown only in art-house cinemas, or older, lesser-known films, this film series provides the chance to see a broad array of cinematic delights that you may have missed.

The Finnish word huutaa means anything men can do with a loud voice: scream, shriek, screech, cry, howl, roar with laughter. The word gives rise to the Mieskuoro Huutajat, the Finnish Screaming Male Choir. Dressed in black suits, white shirts, and rubber ties, this unique choir performs its repertoire by shouting and screaming.

Since its inception via a discussion over a bar table some 15 years ago, the choir has transformed from an idea to the front line of modern European performing arts. Led by conductor Petri Sirviö, the choir has become an international phenomenon, receiving similar reactions everywhere: audiences have mostly been exultant, and sometimes shocked and bewildered. The film follows the choir both in Finland and on international concert trips (France, Japan, and Iceland) across a span of five years.

Screaming Men (2003) is a film about intransigence and firm belief in your own art. The creative process of conductor Sirviö often leads to conflicts with the outside world—and sometimes to conflicts within the choir. Similar to the choir itself, the documentary walks a thin line between the dead serious and the absurd.

Guest Host Kent Maxwell will give a brief introduction to the film, and conduct a discussion and Q&A session following the screening.

Kent Maxwell is an Adjunct Instructor in the Film and Media Arts Department at the University of Utah.

Under the Radar Film Series is presented with support from the Utah Film Center and the Salt Lake Film Society.


Thu, Sep 12, 7pm, Jans B. Wager presents Out of the Past
Thu, Oct 10, 7pm Kent Maxwell presents The Screaming Men
Thu, Nov 7, 7pm Chris Lippard presents La Ciénaga
Thu, Dec 12, 6:30pm Stephen Simmons presents Wake in Fright

Location: Main Library Auditorium

Contact Information: (801) 524-8200