Skin Deep by Nadia Rea Morales

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  • Skin Deep

Skin Deep
by Nadia Rea Morales
Reception:Sat, July 27, 4-5pm

Some of the greatest works of art are depictions of the human form. Many artists before me have depicted a version of the ideal nude in all its perfection and beauty. My exploration of the form began with the intention of discovering new beauty within this classical theme, but over time it has evolved. After exploring the body as a whole, I later started looking at smaller parts of the body. I reduced the figure to simple shapes. I now find more excitement in the imperfections of the body and in the smallest details of the figure than in the figure as a whole. I am fascinated with scars, cracks, pores, hairs, wrinkles and blemishes; to me, they are what make the nude perfect. The simplicity and uniqueness of every “flaw” are more irresistible to me than the naked human in front of my camera. Although I am photographing what I interpret to be beautiful, the work is not superficial. My images document my search towards better understating the nude. I want to depict a more holistic and true picture of the body. I believe the work goes beyond the scope of beauty. It is meant to open a gateway toward understanding the whole in a new way, the whole at a closer and more brutally honest level.

Nadia Rea Morales is a Mexican‐American artist from Salt Lake City, Utah. Born in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico in 1989, her family migrated to Utah when she was four months old. Nadia is heavily influenced by her Mexican traditions and Catholic background; she tries to find a balance between her culture and her American upbringing. While she proudly embraces her bicultural nature, she does not feel like she belongs to either society. She feels most at home living as a neutral being in pursuit of a voice of her own. Nadia cannot yet easily articulate what she has to say with her voice so she chooses to express herself by creating visual work. Creating art is Nadia’s means of communication. “I am an artist because I have a compulsion to work with my hands and a need to create. I am an artist because I have questions and no answers and I have an overwhelming desire to understand why I create. Creation is by far the most beautiful and meaningful part of my life and I have a strong desire to master the skills I use to create my work.”

Location: Day-Riverside Branch

Contact Information: (801) 594-8632