I Noticed My Friends

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  • I Noticed My Friends by Andrew Fillmore

I Noticed My Friends
by Andrew Fillmore
Reception: Sat, Dec 7, 4-5pm

Less than artistic, the work I am most proud of is simply attentive. It is found in the quickly spent moments that are often overlooked as they become colloquial in our day to day. They are in the shadowy spaces between mountainous fits of laughter, at the peaks of the same, in the drought of exhaustion, and in the heat of our most inspired visions. They are the instants where our bones, whether glowing or dusty at days end, are bared for another to see. These moments, to me, are the essence of authenticity, which as both an artist and more importantly, a human being, are the basis of all beauty. They are raw, and they are real. Allen Ginsberg’s poem “On the Cremation of Chogyam Trungpa Vidyadhara” came as a response to the death of his friend and spiritual mentor. It is told through the hyperawareness that the cremation ceremony brought to him, repeating through its entirety, the phrase “I noticed.” Albeit I do not carry this same level of hyperawareness all of the time, it is awareness that drives the work I am presenting here. “I noticed my friends,” he says just before the close of the poem. This line in particular resonated with me in such a way that I feel it is the best representation of my purpose as i approach the viewfinder and end results after the shutter has closed. My friends are the most common objects of my attention, and as such I am afforded a finer tuning as I witness and interpret the moments that become the windows through which we learn about one another. My closest become the fuel for my own inspiration and are braided into the heart of all of my work. Much like Ginsberg on that day in 1985, “I noticed my friends.” And I will continue to notice them, until there is nothing left to know.

I was raised a drifter by my father’s military career and I was built into an honest man by the sea of faces I have known across our globe. My roots into the world of art began with a nurturing, painter mother who was ever encouraging of my imaginative young mind. My voyage into the medium of photography began with a friend’s borrowed camera and quickly became an active interest, soon after snowballing into what is now my most rewarding habit. I am driven by my closest company, a need to make a difference where i can, and the pursuit of understanding. Rather than identifying with any specific creed, I choose to seek the middle ground, balance in all things. I am in love with people as individuals and it is evident in everything I create.

Location: Day-Riverside Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8632