Bones: Photographs by Logan Havens

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  • Logan Havens

Bones: Photographs
by Logan Havens

Artist's Talk:Sat, May 4, 3:30pm
Reception:Sat, May 4, 4-5pm

Artist's Statement:
I have feared death, I have come close to death, I face death often, someday I will die, and I am comfortable with that. Death is the greatest and most universal fear. Fear keeps us from the things we love. When faced with the decision to complete a task we weigh the value of the rewards gained upon completion against our fears. If our fears are stronger than the reward we will never gain the reward, we will live in our fears.

Years ago I found a bone near a railway. I was intrigued with it. This bone was the symbol of my largest fear: death. I took it home and set it on my dresser. Over the months I looked at it and thought about it as I came and went. Over that period of time this fear changed to a respect. Every day this bone reminded me what my life is, and the role death plays. The fear still is there, but I am now comfortable with that fear. I see beauty and depth in the bone. This bone has become the first of my collection. I take each bone and photograph it the way I have come to see it. Each bone speaks that death is present weather I fear it or not, but such is the price of life. Death has become beautiful because it is also life. Each day is now lived as a gift with unlimited potential, uninhibited by the fears that once kept me from living.

Now go and see, do as I have done: Face your fear.

My name is Logan Havens. I am 25 years old. I work as a commercial and fine art photographer. I have been photographing for seven years and I am currently attending Brigham Young University in the Bachelors of Fine Arts of Photography. I am always moving and always doing something. I prefer to sleep outside, and I would rather be in the desert or mountains than just about anything.

Every week I bake my own bread because the way light filters through the window before it rakes across the countertop where I knead the dough is too much of an aesthetic experience to trade for convenience or possibly better tasting bread. But hey, I do bake a mean loaf of bread!

I enjoy simplicity. Photography is important to me because life is extraordinary. Being able to capture what my mind sees creates something tangible that has the potential to inspire, motivate, or change somebody.

I am grateful to my friends, family and professors who enable, coach, and support me. I truly would not be where, or who I am, if it was not for their influence.

Location: Gallery at Library Square

Contact Information: (801) 524-8200