The Power of Making Me Miserable: Lincoln, Race, and Equality

Main Library

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Was Abraham Lincoln a racist? For most of his life, Lincoln said that the United States was destined to be a white man’s country. For most of the Civil War, Lincoln acted as “the white man’s President,” as Frederick Douglass put it, concerned only with the welfare of white people. But by the end of the war, Lincoln supported full citizenship for African Americans and described the war as God’s punishment on all whites, North and South, for the sin of slavery. University of Utah Professor Bruce Dain will address how race affected Lincoln’s leadership and what we can learn from his example. This lecture will be followed by the opening reception of the exhibition Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War.

This program is part of the American Histories series at The City Library, preceding the arrival of the American Library Association’s traveling exhibit Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War, highlighting important historical elements from one of the most significant periods in our nation’s history.

Location: Main Library Auditorium

Contact Information: (801) 524-8200