To be Unnamed: Blind Drawings by John Sproul with poems by Lynn Kilpatrick

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To be Unnamed: Blind Drawings
by John Sproul with poems by Lynn Kilpatrick

Artist's Talk:Sat, May 4, 3pm
Reception:Sat, May 4, 4-5pm

Artist's Statement:
John Sproul
The Blind Drawing Series One

Do we see? I see, do you see? I think not. Who actually sees? Habit, learning, ignorance, shields, culture – it is hard to look, to really see.

Blind, I draw looking one way but not the other. So it goes over and over.

Lynn Kilpatrick
This series of short prose pieces borrows from the poetic form of a crown of sonnets. A sonnet is a fourteen-line poem. A crown of sonnets takes the last line of the first poem as the first line of the second poem and so on, for thirteen sonnets. The final, fourteenth sonnet, is made up of the last lines of all the rest, and takes as its last line the first line of the first sonnet, thus completing the circle, or the “crown.”

I wrote these prose sonnets while looking at John’s drawing. I took his titles as my own, and these titles established ideas that I worried within the sonnets, and provided themes that recurred as I worked on the series. As I wrote, I kept his process in the back of my mind, the idea of “blind drawing,” that is, practicing the art form without watching to see what was being produced.

Lynn Kilpatrick’s first collection of short stories, In The House, was published by FC2 in 2010. Her fiction has recently appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and Hotel Amerika. Her essays have been published in Ninth Letter, Creative Nonfiction, and Brevity. She earned her PhD in Fiction from the University of Utah and an MA in Poetry from Western Washington University. She teaches at Salt Lake Community College.

Location: Gallery at Library Square

Contact Information: (801) 524-8200