SKY by Marguerite H. Roberts

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by Marguerite H. Roberts
Reception:Thu, Apr 18, 7pm

Iconic images of the West always includes the vast expanse of sky showcasing the openness and largeness of this section of our country. John Ford directed award winning western films shot around Kanab, Utah and Monument Valley adding to the legends and myths of the West. He also captured the incredible landscapes adding to the world’s vision of the Western United States.

In the Salt Lake Valley we have the Wasatch Mountains to the east and the Oquirrh Mountains on the west side along with the Great Salt Lake. This combination of mountains, valley and water creates incredible “SKY” images on a daily basis. We are quite fortunate to be blessed with such openness and beauty. Our Salt Lake sunsets and sunrises are spectacular and visitors remember them as well as residents. Over the years I have captured numerous sunset and sunrise photographs as well as clouds during different times in a day. Additionally, when I travel I look for that special time of the day when the light is perfect and the sun’s colors illuminate the sky. One image is a gentle reminder of the journey and it stays with me.

This collection of photos deals directly or indirectly with the sky and light in different seasons and all the colors and mystery we can see, even though many of us in Salt Lake City may take our sunsets and sunrises for granted having become accustomed to mother nature’s gifts to us. This is a visual smorgasbord of landscapes within our valley and outside our state. I hope you will be drawn into the vivid pinks, oranges and reds, and the muted pastels with the rest of the color spectrum along with the abstract, the imaginary and the actual. Even when the “Sky” is not visible or the main focus of the image, as in the Moose & Wildflower photo, it played a major role in capturing a great image.

Take time to reflect on the expanse and beauty of our sky and be awed by our environment and its creator.

Location: Anderson-Foothill

Contact Information: (801) 594-8611