Marry the Night by Mark Rindflesh

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Marry the Night
by Mark Rindflesh

Reception May 25, 4pm

Artist's Statement
Photographing the world at night opens the doors to the unseen. We see but we don’t see without the camera. Photographic images present colors the eye cannot register at night, show juxtapositions we cannot recognize in the dark, and reveal the passage of time unnoticed. The moods of night allow expression of emotions not so immediate in sunlight. Photography at night is a slower, less spontaneous process often solitary and silent. And yet, despite the care and the thought that goes into the creation of an image the photographer may still be surprised by unanticipated results. This series of images from natural and urban settings, all shot after the sun set and usually a very long time after the sun set, provide the viewer an introduction to the scope of night photography.

Artist's Biography
Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, raised in Colorado, Utah and California, I graduated from Carleton College and the University of Utah School of Medicine. I began my first efforts at serious photography while in medical school. During my residency I worked for United Press International as a stringer photographer. I fell in love with large format photography black and white photography at that time but had to give up my darkroom after my daughters were born and we moved to a new home. I returned to photography in 2009 because digital photography did not require a dark room. In addition to working at night, preferably right after a rain storm, I enjoy small scene nature photography and most aspects of black and white photography. When I am not taking pictures, I am a practicing physician in Salt Lake City, married to my wife of 42 years and have two daughters and one grandchild.

Location: Day-Riverside Branch

Contact Information: (801) 594-8632