Resurfacing by Claire Wilson

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  • Resurfacing by Claire Wilson

by Claire Wilson

Artist's Talk:Sat, Mar 16, 3-3:30pm
Reception:Sat, Mar 16, 4-5pm

Claire Wilson was born in Portland, Oregon. She received her BFA from the University of Utah in 2012, where she studied Painting and Anthropology. She was the recipient for the Howard Clark Exhibition scholarship in 2011-12. Seven of her pieces are currently on loan to the President of the University of Utah, David W. Pershing, on display in his home until the end of April. Claire works at Phillips Gallery as a Fine Art Consultant/Marketing Designer, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Artist's Statement:
I aim to create paintings that hint at their origin, filled with subtleties that allude to the moments underneath. The materials that I use are largely metaphorical: rust, concrete, nails, and other industrial products/byproducts. Each painting is a result of the way these materials interact with each other: the way they grow, destroy, compete, and exchange. I focus mainly on these relationships, and the nature of the elements I use.

The initial layers of my paintings are usually rusted, provoked to grow through a series of natural and chemical events. The rust eats its way through to subsequent layers of paint, concrete, or plaster, resulting in a battle between concealing and resurfacing.

I am informed by ideas of accumulation, dichotomy, and desire.

Location: Gallery at Library Square

Contact Information: (801) 524-8200