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Don't miss the opportunity to see amazing films that missed a popular release on the big screen. Typically shown only in art-house cinemas, or older, lesser-known films, this series provides the chance to see a broad array of cinematic delights that you may have missed. Supported by the Utah Film Center.


Thu, Feb 14, 7pm
Main Library Auditorium
Lake Tahoe(2008)
by Fernando Eimbcke, Mexico
in Spanish with English subtitles
Teenage Juan crashes his family’s car and, in search of parts, begins a one day journey which leads him to the absurd worlds of some very interesting characters, and finally back to accept what he was escaping in the first place.

Thu, Mar 14, 7pm
Main Library Auditorium
Mark Sandrich, USA
Fred Astaire stars as a psychoanalyst and Ginger Rogers as the marriage-phobic patient he is supposed to cure. Come and see the pair in the rarely shown Carefree (1938), one of the last Astaire-Rogers films. Watch Ginger and Fred with fresh eyes in this bordering-on-screwball movie! Carefree finally allows Ginger to shine in all her comedic talent.

Thu, Apr 18, 7pm
Main Library Auditorium
The Lie(2011)
Joshua Leonard, USA
The Lie is an off-beat comedy about a new father, Lonnie, who is facing an existential crisis. Seeking relief from his routine, Lonnie tells a lie that quickly spirals out of control. A film which explores reconciling youth’s idealism with the unintentional compromises adulthood asks us to make. Based on the short story by T.C. Boyle. This film is rated R. It contains adult language and some drug use.

Wed, May 1, 6:30pm
Main Library Auditorium
After Life(1998)
Koreeda Hirokazu, Japan, In Japanese with English Subtitles
In After Life, Heaven is the single happiest moment from one's existence, experienced for eternity--viewers are compelled to question which of their happiest moments they would want to witness over and over again. Selected for the Sundance and Toronto Film Festivals.

Thu, Jun 13, 7pm
Main Library Auditorium
The Taking of Pelham 123(1974)
Joseph Sargent, USA
The original, which inspired the 2009 remake, features Walter Matthau as Lt. Garber, delivering an adroit blend of deadpan humor and New York attitude as he negotiates with a group of armed men that have hijacked a subway car for ransom. A great example of the gritty crime film of the 70s, but also with heart and humor.

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