Mysticism in Art by Denver Sasser

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Mysticism in Art
Denver Sasser
Reception: Feb 14, 7pm

Artist's Statement/Biography
I, as an artist, am an instrument of God, put here on this earth, and loaned five talents, with which to create works in the arts: literary arts, musical arts, fine arts, filmic arts, and critical/aesthetic/analytic arts. During my second and third grades in public school, school officials took me to all of the schools in the district to have me demonstrate painting to the classes. At age nine, I received my first mystic visions.

I have an ongoing interest in the strong figurative and bold coloration rhetoric of authenticity, as it is associated with fine arts, so as to produce an indexical communication of artist with viewer meeting somewhere within God’s soul. Simultaneously, I am deeply invested in exploring the relationship between art’s transformative potential to disrupt that assumed societal, false authenticity so as to alienate the viewer from entrenched clichéd thinking. This is largely because the typical viewer is crippled by a devolving bastardization of perception. Societal preoccupation with cultural entropy has replaced spiritual communion. And that’s what my work represents: a spiritual communion. Long ago in the Garden of Eden, we became estranged from God. Different pathways lead back to our reunion with God, a reunion that all of our souls cry out for, whether or not we correctly interpret the cry—most of us incorrectly interpreting this cry as, instead, a cry for carnality, drugs, respectability, or the like. My work is either the act itself or a preamble to the mystical act of perceiving God as anticipation of that eventuality of when and where we are reunited with God eternally. More precisely, my work begins with spiritual fact. And by entering the environment of the truth of spiritual fact, I and my viewer have a better chance of a transformative, yet invisible, alteration of this spiritual reality (of our earthly lives) as it blends with the true reality of eternity. That is, my work proceeds from spiritual fact via the mystery of mysticism, including, but not exclusively, blind contour art to the spiritual mysteries of the cosmos. The subconscious is a place common to all and at times linking us to one another and to the mysterious aggregate of energies that we call God as well as to other aggregates of energies within ourselves and within the cosmos. God once upon a time created this reality of a universe and filled it. But he also created another parallel universe; and he has left it up to artists to fill it. Most of my work has a psychological, cosmic, and/or mystic theme. Mysticism allows me to tap into my subconscious and bring my and others’ demons and ghosts out into the light as well as to reveal other individual and cosmic mysteries.

I am completing the B.F.A. in Drawing and Painting from the Utah Valley University. Other degrees include two doctorates, three masters, and bachelor and associates. I have over 400 publications; art exhibition venues include, among others, Calumet College, Loyola University (Chicago), Atelier Annex, Handong Global University, Church on Harbor Park Way, and BFA Art Exhibition, Utah Valley University.

Location: Anderson-Foothill

Contact Information: (801) 594-8611