The Photography of Samantha Peterson

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The Photography of Samantha Peterson
Samantha Peterson
Reception: Dec 18, 6:30pm

Artist's Statement:
Author Alan Keightley made this enlightening observation, “Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” This idea embodies the message I want to convey as a person and as an artist. When people view my work I want to surprise, intrigue, and excite – never bore them. I want to show the world in a new perspective, a different light, or capture what you would never have the opportunity to experience in reality. Original and unique work is what I always strive to produce. Sometimes it is easy to do things the way they have always been done, but I have found that my most successful pieces are those that begin with an idea, grow and evolve in my head, and are fed an endless supply of creative freedom. I am not afraid to take risks, I experiment and document what I learn, I approach art and photography with spontaneity and my art is often very stylized. My goal is to always push my own envelope, to try to improve with each new piece, and to provide the viewer with a unique experience to see something from a different perspective. I would hope that all members of my audience would be able to connect with my work even if my work is geared mostly toward adults.
I love black and white, macro, and shallow depth of field in photography as well as birds, trees and old structures.
The work I do is heavily influenced by my own experiences and opportunities, people I meet, and the music I like. Five photographers that have strongly influenced my work are Robert and Shanna Parke-Harrison, Francesca Woodman, Renee Peck, and Jerry Uelsmann. Some of my more recent work has obvious signs of their influences. Their work was inspiring to me and has helped to develop my own passion for photography. Other influences of note are my Introduction to Photography teacher (Landon Miller) who initially sparked my interest in photography and introduced me to four of the five photographers I have listed above, my two dimensional design teacher, Deb Schneider, who helped me to see that I can do whatever I want and that my possibilities are endless, my family and friends, and especially my Dad who has been so supportive, encouraging, and who has shown genuine trust in my abilities that gave me just that extra encouragement I needed.

I grew up in Nephi, Utah. After graduating from high school I moved to Cedar City, and began my university studies as a history major. Spring semester of my sophomore year I took an elective Introduction to Photography course. Something clicked for me when I took that class, and by the end of the course I changed my major. In the fall of 2011 I declared myself as a Studio Arts major with an emphasis in Photography. I will graduate from Southern Utah University in the Spring of 2014 and intend to enter a graduate program in Photography. I began taking pictures for fun, then for my class, and then by request. People began hiring me for family, groups, and individual portraiture. More recently my work involves projects or series that I create for myself. The results of these projects are currently entered in contests, exhibitions, and have been accepted for publication. My art interests have expanded. I constantly am working on new pieces, exploring mediums I have never used before.

Location: Sprague Branch

Contact Information: (801) 594-8640