Expressions of Innocence: Art by Aleksandra Cegielska Johnson

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Expressions of Innocence
by Aleksandra Cegielska Johnson

Artist's Statement When my life offered the opportunity, I was finally able to pursue my all-time desire to engage in art. After the birth of my son, I faced a strong and natural need to portray him. I started with pencil drawings. With time, I stirred towards watercolor paintings. I delighted in painting him, illustrating the ordinary everyday moments as well as the rare instances in his life. In my paintings, I attempted to preserve gestures and expressions during solemn, quiet and joyful times. Slowly, I added portrayals of other children including friends, family, etc. All those watercolor images together resulted in this series called “Expressions of Innocence”, which is my attempt to capture the grace and charm of my subjects.

Location: Day-Riverside Branch

Contact Information: (801) 594-8632