Life and Death: Art by Shonti Breisch

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Life and Death
by Shonti Breisch
Reception: Dec 8, 4pm
Artist's Talk: Dec 8, 3:30pm

Artist's Statement
I am very aware of the macro world, all of its creatures as well as its importance to life as a whole. I pay attention to the small details and explore how they interact with the elements and the significant role it plays as a piece of a larger entity. My awareness must come from my background in science and my interest in microbial life. I don’t always see the big picture but rather fragments of it that appear in my photographs. I did research with halophiles, salt loving bacteria, that are one of the only thriving organisms in the north arm of the Great Salt Lake. Due to its high percent salinity, around 27%, halophiles are an organism that have adapted to its hyper-saline environment. Even the brine shrimp and brine flys that are able to live in south arm are unable to survive. Because I was researching a living organism from the North Arm I had also taken interest in all the creatures that are unable to survive out there and how they are returned to the earth by becoming encrusted in salt as they decompose. Bio
Shonti Breisch was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She attended Westminster College and received a BFA in Photography with minors in Chemistry and Music in 2011. Shonti has enjoyed all types of mediums as well as other artistic expressions including music as a string bass player and modern dance. However, her primary art medium is photography. Photography has given her a way to share with others what she sees in the world. The small things that others tend to pass right by without giving them a second glance. Her viewfinder is aimed mostly at the macro world that surrounds us which ties in with her background in the sciences and research in biology. Shonti enjoys exploring how interconnected science and art are and how neither of them can exist without the other.

Location: Gallery at Library Square

Contact Information: (801) 524-8200