And There Was Light: Art by Jayne-Anne Mulholland

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  • Jayne-Anne Mulholland

Reception: Nov 3, 4pm

Artist's Statement:
Using traditional painting media (oils, acrylics, varnishes) and non-traditional painting media (kerosene, silicone, butane torch), I explore the alchemistic aspects of painting on canvas. The fact that oil and water don’t mix and many other chemical relationships are of infinite interest to me.

Like a scientist might conduct experiments with beakers in a lab, by mixing and creating new chemical compounds that are utterly unique from but dependent on their original and separate chemistry, I document these interactions on canvas while encouraging this metamorphosis of media into an organic sense of line, texture, space, color, value etc. by stripping, sanding, scraping and eventually sealing the surface of each piece.

Location: Chapman Branch

Contact Information: (801) 594-8623