Light, Color & Space by Verl Ancel Adams

Corinne and Jack Sweet
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  • Light, Color & Space
  • Light, Color & Space
  • Light, Color & Space

Color, Light & Space
Verl Adams
Reception: Dec 21, 4pm

Verl Adams is an architect and designer who grew up among the luminous red rock mesas and canyons of southern Utah. He utilizes photography, as one of several methods, to study and better understand different qualities of light and to experiment with visual perception, often through the use of various types of screens or “filters”. Verl employs diffused, natural light and reflected color to create his images. He approaches both photography and design as a series of inquiries into the ethereal and evanescent nature of shadow + light.

Verl has lived and practiced architecture in Japan, California and Utah, where he currently resides and works in his studio. He also teaches design classes at the University of Utah School of Architecture. His photographs have been exhibited in Salt Lake City and New York City.

Location: Corinne and Jack Sweet Branch

Contact Information: (801) 594-8651