Utah's Desert Horses

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Reception: Thu, Oct 18, 7pm

Artist Statement
Passionately pursuing the perfect image for 15 years, John Steel has explored Southeast Asia, Australia, Sumatra, and North America; photographing people, wildlife and the area they inhabit. “What I have discovered in my travels” he says, “Is that there are no internal differences among any of us. We all want happiness for our friends, our families and ourselves. We all want Peace. This is our connection.” Communicating universality of human and mankind’s integral connection to the plant, John’s work inspires active respect for nature and for the innumerable varieties of life and culture it supports.

“My hope is that my photography inspires an appreciation of the subject and their splendor and that you see them as an extension of yourself or a place you would like to share with family and loved ones. When I look through the view finder, I’m looking for everyone. I hope that my images influence you to become a better steward and an advocate for the health and well being of all earth’s splendors.”

Location: Anderson-Foothill

Contact Information: (801) 594-8611